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Hi, I'm Summer Strate, CPA at your service.

As a bookkeeper and tax strategist, my goal is to educate other small business owners on accounting practices they should be implementing in their business, while taking a hands-on approach to helping them succeed where it really matters: the bottom line.

What Can I Do For You?

Bookkeeping & Budgeting

The most important part of any business is its financial health. We help you see where your hard earned money is going and keep everything organized for tax time. Need a budget too? We do that! Monthly and quarterly packages are offered.

Tax Return Preparation

Confused about all those W2, 1040, Schedule C forms to fill out? Leave that to us! We use your bookkeeping records to file business and personal returns in a timely manner and make sure you're taking advantage of all the write-offs you can.

Tax Strategy

No one wants to pay the government more than they have to! Tax strategy is best when planned ahead of time, and that's exactly what we do with our customized tax plans. Our goal is to help you pay as little as possible in taxes! 

Quickbooks Cleanup

As a certified Quickbooks Advanced Platinum ProAdvisor, we can help organize and clean up years of mismanaged or nonexistent bookkeeping records and turn them into valuable financial insights for your business.

Payroll & Sales Tax Services

Payroll compliance can be daunting. Our expertise, in combination with Gusto, our preferred payroll partner, ensures your business stays up-to-date with all regulations, filings, and tax withholdings. We also file sales tax returns, if applicable.

Business Formation

Not sure the difference between an LLC and an S-Corp? We will assess your business's goals in order to determine the best entity structure for your situation. Then we will file all necessary documents and meet ongoing reporting requirements.


Let's Take Your Business to the Next Level & Pay Less in Taxes Too!

Educated and Smooth

"One of the things that I truly appreciated about Summer's services is not only was it obvious that she knew what she was talking about, but her ability to simplify the tax laws to where anyone can understand it."

- Jon

Organized and Efficient

"Summer has been my CPA for 2 years now. She is always on time with my monthly budget meetings and tax returns and has saved me tens of thousands of dollars over the last 2 years!! 10/10 would recommend to a friend."

- Andy

Life-saving and Brilliant

"Summer is literally my saving grace! She has fixed everything I had wrong with my finances and really set me up for success. I can't recommend her enough to anyone who wants to do business the RIGHT way."

- Chelsea

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